World Cup Workshop: More Than Cool

Out shooting

Some opportunities are rare and boring, and if another chance had to pop up again, i’ll be sure to be as far away as possible ‘  Just joking it was cool’.

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Playing a host

Herbert and Lebo inaa de sloota

Steadily the dark clouds of despair are lifting giving way to our season of hope.These has been sustained by our mutual cooperation that resulted in an equitable benefit for all of us.The notion that says when the activity is happening on your backyard is ayoba should be refrased. Continue reading

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South Africa: A Nation of Hope or Despair?

football fun and players going to southafrica

As thousands of people from all over the world took their flights towards OR TAMBO INT hopes and expectations were high, but at the end of the world cup only 11 people among the thousands will take the trophy home as winners and many will go home crying.

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A Taste of the World Cup

Can I taste?

Thirty two nations participated in this prestigious tournament, but there were more than 32 countries that braced South Africa. Meaning over 32 cultures, tongues and cuisines were enjoyed during the World Cup. I selected 4 countries to showcase their cuisine and what mystical ingredients go into preparing such dishes

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Closing Workshop….

The days passed away quickly, and the time has drawn near to depart from each other,its really hard to do.

Any way we had a grate time here working together more than five weeks without any problems, that’s just because of the  strong cooperation among the participants, trainers, locals and as well as our two lovely drivers.

The wonderful days we shared together will never forget in my life time, I honestly consider, the work we done together will be my greatest achievement in my lifetimes, and it was  good experience to work with multicultural people.

I was interested in all the reports, that have been reported by the individual reporter, but unfortunately I didn’t get chance to  work in some of the stories, but I liked all the stories done by you all  and off course the lecturers who has been always behind to developed the stories in final output.


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Joe and friends going to watch a match world cup(2010)

There are times in life that you expect something should go on without an end, but everything that starts has an end. Continue reading

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My Experience 2010 FIFA WOLD CUP

It was a great opportunity for me to be one of the international journalists that covered in one way or another the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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