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I can’t stay SA any longer, but I wish I could bring all of you to Vietnam in my suitcase.

A Wish like this is always a wish, but please imagine that my wish can come true, Then the next question is what would happen when I reach home and open it? Let me tell you cause I dreamed of … Continue reading

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For my online lecturer Mathis and those who are not into football…

Ironically, I — a die-hard fan of football — have to try to find out the reasons why there are some people who don’t support football and the World cup. But this is a mission as I agreed to be … Continue reading

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The ball, the horse, and the unlucky plummer

I decided to go along for the filming of Ntokozo’s betting story. Though that was a beautiful Saturday, I preferred to see the emotional footbal betters to resting in bed. Then I found out that I was wrong, because….

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Argentina, Siempre Argentina!

Carlos, my Mexican colleague, told me that phrase while we left Soccer City yesterday after Argentians demolished Asian Red troops 4/1. And I love that, because, for me an Argentina fan, Yesterday Argentinans back to real Argentinans once again (first time since … Continue reading

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My new friend at Soweto (or Dialogue between Tshabalala and Modise)

On my journey with DW at this World cup, I made some new friends. The latest, youngest is a boy from Soweto. This is how i made friends with him…

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