I can’t stay SA any longer, but I wish I could bring all of you to Vietnam in my suitcase.

A Wish like this is always a wish, but please imagine that my wish can come true, Then the next question is what would happen when I reach home and open it?

Let me tell you cause I dreamed of it last night…

When I opened my suitcase, the first one I saw is …Singye. No one else cause he was my roommate for 40 days, But in my suitcase he was trying to take a Whisky (bought for my chief) from a beard guy. Who is that? I get my face closer to look at him but the beard guy pressed a button and the image in my eye faded into black. (he did it professionally, Can you guess?) .Hey, Singye and the mysterious guy wish you will be in Vietnam, we could drink a bottle together.

Then I tried to look at another corner of the suitcase and I found Dalia and Ariadna they argued about something, I couldn’t get it all but Dalia pointed at the food in my suitcase and said “it’s a rat”, but Ariadna said “it’s not a rat, it’s a Chi hua hua.” Hic, I can not tell Ariadna that there is no Chi hua hua in Vietnam but lot of rats.

I left them there, and moved my eyes to a noisy corner where I can see Joseph and Philippo. The Ghanaian hold my DV Camera while my Tanzanian was shouting “Philippo, live from a suitcase on the way to Vietnam”

Hey Philippo sound is not ok. Cause thing you got not a micro phone, it is only my perfume bottle

Certainly, I saw Khalil too, he was looking for something. He was happy seeing me and asked “Noodles, I love VN noodles but I can’t find it in your suitcase, why?” I just smiled at him and said “We are in VN now, you can have hundred kinds of noodle if you want”

While Carlos held something like his babe, he whispered to it caressed it gently. What in my suitcase makes Carlos like this? it’s my accreditation card. What Carlos talked to it simply “Wish you were mine, I would not have to spent so much money on ticket”

“Hey Carlos, If you had a card like mine, We wouldn’t have a chance to know how much you love football, I like you that way”

What else that I saw when I open my suitcase?

Jane and Joyce were looking at the hair accessories I bought for my girls and discussed what hairstyle is suitable for a trip to Vietnam, I could say that  “My 2 friends, your hairstyle impressed me and Vietnamese will look at you in the street like South Africans did when I walked beside you on the street” (remember it Joyce?)

Pamela was hugging my Marlboro package that I bought for my colleague, She would jump out and smoke when the suitcase is opened. “Hey Pam, you look young but please reduce the number a day for you health”

Herbert were holding his Makarapa in left hand and compared it with mine in the right hand. “Herbert, my lord, It was really a bargain for you, you got a beautiful Makarapa indeed”

I saw Farouk were talking with Tom but what strange is that Farouk voice was like Tom and vice versa. “Hic, Fagouk – the priest – don’t try to count in German, we can’t keep ourselves from laughing”

Kimani was trying to copy mp3 music from my Ipod to his new Mp3 Player he bought at Oriental Plaza, “Kimani, hope you enjoy it”

Namgay was in her traditional dress which we didn’t see it this time.

Nielz was dribbling my Jabulani and talked to himself “I am not Mr Bean, I am at least Michael Ballack” (or George Clooney as you like)

Susanna was with us too, but she was scared looking at a plastic Puppy I bought for my daughter. “Hey Susanna He is not cruel like the one bit you”

And Finally, when I open my suitcase, there is a serious voice from somewhere near my Mac book “Please close the door”. Then I had to close it.

You may ask me where is Van. Wow She is VN like me so She has to help me carry the suitcase with all of you in side

P/S: My heart is a suitcase that carries all the good impression I got from you. And this essay is a letter of invitation for all of you to come and enjoy my country one day. There is always something you can enjoy in my suitcase, in my heart and in my Country.

Special thank to “My lord” Ntokozo, Sfiso (be careful when you film with glass), Cindy (love the way you laugh), and Lebogang (love the way you dance).

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4 Responses to I can’t stay SA any longer, but I wish I could bring all of you to Vietnam in my suitcase.

  1. Susanne says:

    Khanh, thank you so much for that…. that’s a perfect story and I would love to spend some days in your Vietnamese suitcase….let’s meet in there one day. Hope you are fine (btw my nose is healed by now), all the best Susanne

  2. khalil says:

    khan.. when i read pamela ‘s comment in facebook about ur blog i told my self it must be interesting to read and maybe if i read it i can find the reason of khan’s silient smile when any body in the group speaks .. and now i know what that smile means .. it means analyzing everyone’s peronality in khane’s brain .. and a respond from khane by silient smile … i told u this before in johannesburg and now iam saying it again ..

    anyway nice blog .. keep it up and i encourage everyone in group to keep it like this way ..

    wich u the best from damascus .. belive me if i say its 48 degree here !

  3. namgay says:

    aWWWW! Its such a nice write-up…Khanh…! Glad to know you and Van are home safe. I miss everyone so much! 😦

  4. singye says:

    hey khanh,,,,
    i stop drinking here in bhutan,,,,but i still remember the Chinese restaurant, u remember
    that Chinese little girl,,,,i dream of her all the time,,,,hehehehehe

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