Tasting the Worldcup with friends

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What started out as a normal cooking night for Joyce and Myself turned to be a night to taste the different food from the different countries in the workshop.

I wonder what Dalia from Syria would do with bread, tomatoes and onions. To me that was more like breakfast but that actually turned out to be dinner…at first, everyone was skeptical about tasting it..but braved on and before long, a whole loaf of bread and the dish Dalia had prepared for three ended feeding 8!

Hmmm..thgought we were done for the night…then came mama Van…with her eggs ,cabbage,chicken and brown rice and I wonder how do all these make a meal….

Then came the beauty from Ghana: Jollof rice which took me home because in Kenya, we call the same, Pilau. Pilau is rice mixed with spices and meat, all in one pot.

And there we were, our intercultural night trying out food from Ghana, Syria and Vietnam.

For me, the night turned out to be one to understand each other and exchange the different perceptions we had about our countries.

Through this workshop, indeed football unites people ,it knows no race, gender or age…we all speak one language, that is celebration.


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