It’s less than twenty four hours for me to fly back home to Ghana  and that means time to say good bye though it will be difficult. Five weeks have just gone pass?  Oops! How time flies.

Meeting again in South Africa to report around the tournament at a time when it was actually taking place was going to be exciting and right from day one I looked forward to it.

But  I will not bother you with all the work we  did because it is there on the website for you to see. Rather the experience of working in a cold country.

First I caught a cold which is still with me- a very stubborn cold I guess because I took all the lozenges and cough syrups needed to cure it but the cold  wont stop. Thanks to Adriana from Mexico and Pamela from Germany, every sneezing which I found very uncomfortable was responded with “BLESSING “ from these two fine ladies.

Now here in South Africa, to set off for the day’s work I needed to wear about four clothes plus a scarf around my neck  to survive the cold. Hmm! something am not used to back home. Why do I need four clothes in the warm weather in Ghana? But here everything was different. And the observation I made was wearing more clothes meant feeling heavy and tired already even before work begins.

But strangely the winter world cup did not deter soccer fans from going to the stadium. Even some crazy fans dared the weather and attended the matches almost half naked.

 Aside the weather, almost every course participant turned a cook during this five weeks. Well am sure we learnt our lessons after last year’s experience when we had to go to restaurants with idea of what to order.

Khalil Younes from Syria was the chef cook but trust me he looked confused at the kitchen everytime.

The peak was when we had an unplanned intercultural dinner and from Ghana I presented the delicious Jollof rice.

Now the time has come to say good bye and I am happy I am going back to my warm country where I don’t need more than two clothes but I will miss the intercultural moments I had with my fellow course participants. In fact we have reported around the World   Cup.

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One Response to HARD TO SAY GOOD BYE………………..

  1. khalil says:

    cheeeeeeeeers from abu dhabi .. one stop before i take the other plane to syria after 8 hours from now ,, !! miss u already

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