I miss home

If I miss home??? Of course I do. After more than one month abroad I miss family, friends, authentic mexican food, driving my car, sleeping in my bed, privacy, my computer, and so on… But those things can easily be replaced by everything we’ve enjoyed and shared here in Johannesburg.

During five weeks, we’ve been teached how to tell stories… Well, this is not a story. It is just a series of disordered ideas that came to my mind one by one… So, please don’t look for sequence, because you wont find it.

All these days we have been working together knowing better each other and having fun with crazy adventures on location (or out of it).

In the last week of work the tension increased. Everyone was pretty active trying to produce a brilliant final piece, our camera man were not enough, and even the drivers (Peter and Gledwin) were more busy driving everyone on time for their appointments (or shopping).

Joyce! Ms. Narration 🙂 I will  never forget you and your eleven, eleven, eleven!

Kimani.. tell me the truth! you had a date the other day when u disappeared, isn’t it!!???

Jane: Where is the condom with teeth?? I’m still wondering what it is…

Singye, I don’t forget the day you broke into Dalia’s and I room when I was changing my jeans… Thanks God you didn’t see… ~~

Farouk… more than one month has gone, and I didn’t catch your beautiful british accent! Damn I lost my chance! 😦

These days of work and joy are about to finish. But I am sure none of us will forget about the sweet time we all spend in the dinning room during breakfast, with the fresh fruit and Badia’s English breakfast or her delicious croissants! (That is why some of us have been gaining weight, thanks Badia!).

We will also remember when we are all on the buses waiting for Carlos and Khalil when they delayed the whole group cause they “forgot to set the alarm clock”. I’ve heard some funny and suitable nicknames for them like “Beauty Queens” or “Sleepy Beauties”… But the last week, you guys really crossed boundaries! Respect the people who want to rest at night!!!! (BTW, revenge is set to have a sweet taste ~~).

My dear, loved and also mexican friend Carlitos… I forgive you for increasing my sleepless nigh just because Khalil and you were hungry after partying in weekdays… But I will let your wife knowww!!!! 😛 jk

Namgay… I don’t think you laugh like me… hahaha No one can laugh as much as you!! I will miss my non alcoholic friend! haha

Khanh,,, a chat slave… You came to South Africa, but stayed all the time in Vietnam through msn… How come!!!???

Lebo!! Quiet quiet! but a very nice person… It is bad that you spent the last days very sick.. I guess you were the last one in our Flu Chain.

Ntokozo.. I could learn your name… Why don’t you learn mine and stop calling me tequila?  I don’t even drink! hahaha jk I like it 😉

Max, How do you manage to have only coke and cigarettes for breakfast!? I still don’t get it. (Probably I need to start smoking to lose all the weight I gained in Joburg).

Herbert. I think this is the perfect moment to turn your son into a rugby player 🙂 haha.. That piece was a very nice experience!!!!! Thanks for making questions when I couldn’t speak.

Another unforgettable thing is of course the crazy Vietnamese language. No one can ignore when Van and Khanh are having a conversation, even though we don’t understand, we all pay attention to their chats (specially when Van is talking on the phone) haha.

What about Philipo, better known as Mr. Stand Up, for his constant hard work, which includes even the roof of the Agterplaas. Also in the last week he became Mr. Spaghetti.

Also the cough orchestra… First Susanne, then Niels, after Khalil, then I, Dalia, Namgay, Van, etc!! This is the longest “flu chain” I’ve ever met! I could keep on telling the names, but you better tell me Who didn’t get sick? That is easier!

One of the best stories of this trip, is for sure the rat in the living room!! I still swear it looked like a Chihuahua dog! Joseph, can you see what happen when people don’t believe me??? I will never forget how you screamed and jumped when the rat appeared.

The best of the best was the intercultural dinner we had at Janny’s place…. Vietnamese, Syrian, Ghanaian and… almost Kenyan! hahah.

Our father Tom… I will miss you a lot… I hope you don’t lose your precious socks again. (Come to Mexico!!).

Niels: I still don’t know what is behind your mysterious smile… I think whatever it is, it can be mean haha. Anyway, sorry for all those times we got on your nerves!!

Sindy… What did you say the other day??? That you think Namgay likes what????? hahahahah 😛 sorry for those who don’t catch this joke 😉

Mathis… I loved when you said: Do you sit in the dark and wait until the fish comes?????

Sfiso: Oh womanizer! you’re Womanizer baby!

Going to Pretoria with van and Namgay has been one of the weirdest experiences of my life… Specially for the dozen of Vietnamese who joined us, and their casino stories… Cheers!!!

Dalia, don’t worry about the Makarapa man and his partner… In the end we all learned from that experience… But besides the journalistic part, I also learned that sound can be a very, very exhausting job! (My arms still hurt!) Am I a good person?

Joseph.. Sex Machine, I missed Bumper to Bumper!!!

Pamela… You inspired me (or some of us) haha.. Namgay and I really want to get a tattoo!! 😀 but not in South Africa.

Dear germans… I’m really sorry that the predictions of Paul the Octopus came true when Germany was so close to the championship…

Can you see???? How could I miss home more than I will miss you guys!!? Thanks everyone for this great memories… The book is still open to keep on writing our precious adventures during our stay in crazy Johannesburg, because as Mathis said: the web site (and for sure, our blog) will always remain!

I hope to see you all again!!! Success for everyone.

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2 Responses to I miss home

  1. ariadnaibarra says:

    Sorry, I know it is long…

    • namgay says:

      Ariadna…missinng everyone already. Ssingye and I are still not home…we will b flying fromm BKK to Thimpu only now…did tonned of shopping again..lol. love to everyone:)

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