The Image is Changed and Almost Completed

sorry idont like the official way to start blog of articl or i donno … what iam going to do now is to dump some of my confused thoughts here .. but i will do my best not to be emotional and not to make anyone cry , waaaaa

usually when i write something .. an articl in online newspaper or a comment in facebook , or an sms for a gurl , or, …. i wait till i feel that i really need to do that .. because i would like to be honest with my words .

Today when tom asked me did u write ur blog ? i somehow ran away from the answer .. and after that i asked pamela di u need peter because i wanna go out with him and her respond was the same question that tom asked .. then , i felt like 15 years back when my parents tell me .. finish ur homeworks and do what ever u want . maybe it was a problem with my parents that they dont say this to me again .. i donno

but in the afternoon there was nothing to do .. i finished lunch , and i drinked cafe , and i workd alittle bit with ariadna , and i checked my email and my facebook and the syrian news . and the weather .. and my mobile balance ,,, after all that i felt that nothing left but BLOGS .. ooof .. so lets blog ..

I started reading ur emotional innocent funny .. nd touched blogs that some of the prticipant has written .. ATTENTION: i choosed this word ” INNOCENT” because when i read josef sacky blog .. i said to my self .. ohhh this mystirious guy is really so emotional and innocent but he never seems like this .. and i added this opinion to my ((thoughts archive / southafrica section ))… the main title for this section is ” THE IMAGE IS CHANGED”

Im not gonna say like we always saying everyday about the wrong image of southafrica and i donno .. but i would say simply i enjoyed it here ,, and i discover alot alot alot this time … i knew alot of new things about southafrica and about the participants .. easily and simply i can say now i love u southafrica .. i love ur contradictions because for me as a curious guy it’s really interesting ..

” ITS ALMOST COMPLETED ” the image of every one in our group its almost completed iam saying almost because u can never know everything inside a human ,,, there must be always something hidden .. but now after 40 days iam convinsed that i was lucky enough to be here with all of u guys … and i know iam not a suitale person to judge , but i can say we all share one thing which is .. we have alot of positives inside us ..

TOM .. lemme start from u boss .. TOM in syria was diffrent from TOM in africa .. in syria he was th relax part for us .. and here he still the comfortabl and the one who undrstand people .. but some times was a little bit stressed .. but iunderstandit why and iam sur evryoneunderstanded why coz ur project manegr here and thats it .. Pamela .. the well orgnized lady who likes to control … the sensitive lady who was about to cry while reading ur blogs guys … thanks for ur time u spend it preparing and orgnizing .. MAX .. i was the only guy who understand that theres nice guy behind this serious looking .. coz som ppl tell me the same .. we dont like u when we first meet u .. and as an editor i understand how stressed and underr presure u were some times but belive me that was not so obvious or anoying for me at least .. we had nice time here .. waiting for u in syria my friend .. >> NIELS .. i like it when u smile although sometimes i doupt it .. u got me confused because i know some times u smile even u dont like something .. anyway was nice working with u .. ur good in telling a story with ur young soul .. wich u the best really… bytheway some people dont like it when u say ” shhhhhhh” for them trying to silent them .. sorry but i was one of those ..but what shall i do i didnt like it .. maybe its a problem in me lool … again wish u the best .. ” HERBERT” sorry coz i didnt say hi in the first day when u were talking with the others in die agter plaas breakfast lool .. i liked ur active young soul .. iam sure ur children or ur relatives like u so much .. mathis .. the neat guy .. thanks for our online site .. u did alot .. keep it up in berline and go to gym .,,

iam tired now i wanna finish this offfff

i noticed that everyone is getting along with his/her roomate .. for me and carlos we r almost in love now and thers so many common things like our electricty socket .. and days ago .. a gurl in a bar asked me r u gay ? because i didnt care for her and i was laughing with carlos .. i really enjoyed with u man .. hope to c u later.. singy ,, the hard worker camera man keep it my friend .. wich u a good future .. kimany … keep on smiling i like it .. specialy when u speak with agurl in the phone … farok .. the good nice guy .. we u the best for u and ur family … josef i already talked about u …filip .. we talk 2 times since 40 days the first one when u wake me up in 3 am asking fot electricty socket and the other time i forgot … khan .. i know that when ur quiet watching ppl speaking in the editorial room and suddenly laugh wiuth ur self i now that u r talking about us .. i ll miss ur noodles … joyse i liked ur tone .. i think ur good presenter in ur country keep it up . jane ..iam waiting for u today to open the outside door for u … namgay … this year i like u more ,,, coz i knew u more . ur so nice and friendly and lovely … dalia .. its always has to do with life style ,,, but i told u this before in syria .. theres huge nice cute feminin inside u and i like flying with u although u r sleeping all the way ,,, van ,, iam sure theres alot behide u … u keep it for ur self ,,, take care ,,,, offf iam about ti finish ,,, THE SOUTH AFRICANS ,,, cindy ,, ur nice lady ,, we didnt have time to know each other , but ur nice lady ,, sfiso ,, now everyone knws how much u like the ladys .. well every guy love the ladys . but i know how u enjoy sitting with them lool .. cool cool … ntokozo .. thank u man ,, ur so friendly .. lebo we havent spoken before so its our chance now to start a conversation ,,, Hi !

suzan .. thatnks for the nice time ,, wich to see somewhere soon .. miss u already

Ariadnaaaa the small gurl … no no .. the innocent gurl .. okay .. the childish attractive lady ,, i like the way u speak .. super sexy .. super nice … keep it up dear .. wich u joy happiness success ..

Love u all .. see u in brazil2010 oohh sorry i forgot . TOM SAID no hospitality anymore .. tshuz .. chab chab

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3 Responses to The Image is Changed and Almost Completed

  1. namgay says:

    haha Khalil..honest…and I loved the bit about the guys…it was like a window opened. *Sob* I am going to miss everyone!:(

  2. Susanne says:

    Khalil, you have chosen a great picture for starting your post! This is Khalil enjoying life as I know him… we have to go out again, will it be in Syria or Germany, you know you are always more than welcome… miss you a lot! (btw, what comes to my mind, dou you remember one of the first nights and us being in loft I guess with Herbert and Max – and this stressed guy…. having the first night as a waiter, running around.. this was so funny!)

  3. ariadnaibarra says:

    Hey Khalil… very nice one… I miss you all!!!!!!!!!! Hermosillo is like hell.. or even worse!

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