From Darkness to Light:)

Saturday, 19th June 2010, was eventful: from partying late into the night to sleeping after breakfast the next day. The first part I’d like to forget, for valid reasons, the second part was when life began to look beautiful.

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At 6AM,  a troop of four marched to the hill in Melville (Melville Koppies) from Agterplaas without having slept a wink the whole night. Susanne is the fastest person on the planet! Keeping her in sight means running to keep pace with her walking. Predictably, Ariadna and I were out of breath by the time we reached the top of the hill. Max…is quiet: you don’t hear him getting breathless, or he’s in really good shape (in spite of his early morning diet of coke and cigarettes, he’s in good form. Max…publish a book on the art of good health and junk living…it’ll be a bestseller! 🙂 )

From the hill, the experience was so special: you can see Jo’burg on all sides, and the horizon changes colour every few seconds when the sun rises. And when the four of us were not giggling due to our lightheadedness (the air is thin up there!), Ariadna and Max managed to take some really good pictures.

June 12th-13th was a well-lived 24 hours experience:)

P.S: Max doesn’t like to have his pictures on the internet, but if you want to see him, he can be found at the German school on weekdays, and the streets of Melville in his free time with his trademark peak cap, cigarettes, and shades. The photos were contributed by Ariadna.

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1 Response to From Darkness to Light:)

  1. kens says:

    enjoy every moment of it.. 🙂

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