from bhutan…

Sorry guys,I Couldn’t write any  blog, since we departed from each other.It doesn’t mean that I have forgotten you all,actually the place where I worked is towards the south,172km drive from capital city and its monsoon season,  due to heavy rain fall there are lots of problem with power failure, network and so on.So guys how are you all?

The first week spent with talking about you all one by one in my office,I share my experience in South Africa with all my friend in the office, honestly I dint work one week because I was still having  South Africa’s fever,but now things are getting into normal and I think I should work for my station as usual.

I hope by now, you all are into your work as before in your respective station.

good luck to you all

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I can’t stay SA any longer, but I wish I could bring all of you to Vietnam in my suitcase.

A Wish like this is always a wish, but please imagine that my wish can come true, Then the next question is what would happen when I reach home and open it?

Let me tell you cause I dreamed of it last night…

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It’s less than twenty four hours for me to fly back home to Ghana  and that means time to say good bye though it will be difficult. Five weeks have just gone pass?  Oops! How time flies. Continue reading

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Tasting the Worldcup with friends

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What started out as a normal cooking night for Joyce and Myself turned to be a night to taste the different food from the different countries in the workshop.

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Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Africangoals2010 news reporting for 5 weeks since first weeks of June 2010 till 12 July 2010 was a blast from the start. Being a virgin news reporter when I started and being a ‘fully fledged VJ’ at the end was a cherry on top.

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I miss home

If I miss home??? Of course I do. After more than one month abroad I miss family, friends, authentic mexican food, driving my car, sleeping in my bed, privacy, my computer, and so on… But those things can easily be replaced by everything we’ve enjoyed and shared here in Johannesburg.

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The Image is Changed and Almost Completed

sorry idont like the official way to start blog of articl or i donno … what iam going to do now is to dump some of my confused thoughts here .. but i will do my best not to be emotional and not to make anyone cry , waaaaa

usually when i write something .. an articl in online newspaper or a comment in facebook , or an sms for a gurl , or, …. i wait till i feel that i really need to do that .. because i would like to be honest with my words .

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